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We finally got a chance to play with a Les Paul for the first time, and although it wasn’t yer actual Gibson Les Paul, it was an Epiphone, which is a Gibson brand and highly respected in its own right.

Your First Les Paul?

Yeah, I know. Well, we’ve only been into this guitar lark for the better part of a year, and as we started out with a Squier Strat, it took us a while to take a look at the LPs. Now we have, opinion is somewhat divided. I loved this model, it looks and feels and sounds wonderful. Michael however, while enjoying the sound, doesn’t get on with the look and the feel of them – he didn’t get on with them so well, as he feels more comfortable with the Strat style (so the “Lester” setting on the Variax was ideal for him.)

Someone recommended Les Pauls to me as a guitar suitable for people who don’t have long fingers, so on a recent visit to Fox’s Music I took the opportunity to grab the Gold Top and take it off to a practice room.

Look and Feel

Wow. It played like a dream. Sounded great through a Line 6 Spider Amp, especially on the “Metal” setting (“for songs like Enter Sandman!” as it usefully suggested on its label). It felt dangerously good, dangerous in a “here’s my credit card” kind of way. It felt so much more accessible – it was easy to play, the neck was nice and thin and seemed somewhat shorter than the guitars I’ve been used to playing. As much as I love the Strat-shaped guitars we currently have, I can see a Les Paul joining the family at some point in the future. However, for looks, I’d have to go for a model in Alpine White rather than the Goldtop. The gold finish is pretty, but I personally think the white finish is a lot nicer.

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