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Delivery from Granthams
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I’d only just got the previous deliveries photographed. Not GIMP’d or uploaded yet. Only one item reviewed.

When we got back tonight, *this* box was waiting with a kindly neighbor. Spent most of tonight snapping pics of all these. Just about got last nights pics GIMP’d now and uploaded. Same again and then some to do tomorrow night, and at some point we’ve got to start actually *writing about* all this stuff in our Wiki. And Sam’s on an art course all weekend. Fortunately, we’ve both got next week off, so we should get caught up then.

To come soon – Copic markers, and Lettraset’s ‘manga’ markers, a large set of Winsor & Newton watercolours, Pastel Tote bag, Art-Kure water brushes and Winsor & Newton’s answer to the Moleskine sketchbooks.

And maybe Sam can be persuaded to share some of what she learns on her course with us.