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Latest Update: I’ve now updated this device to give access to Windows CE, and I’m using it for eReader as well as Medion Navigator.

Medion GPS
Originally uploaded by pigpogm.

My dad bought this for us recently, and we collected it when we visited. Nice – more useful than I expected. Imagine having someone next to you, holding a map up all the time, constantly pointing at where you are, and turning the map as you go. Imagine they can flick to different scale maps as you speed up and slow down, so you get to zoom in as you approach a junction. Then imagine they know where you’re going, and they’ve highlighted the route, so you can see where to go at each junction.

Oh, and they’ve worked out what time you should get where you’re going, and they’ve made a note of that on the map, which they keep updating depending on how badly you get held up.

Then imagine they’ll tell you each time you approach a junction, and which way you need to go when you get there.

Pretty handy, eh?

Then imagine it’s not a person, so they won’t keep hitting you for making them do all this – even better 😉

Oh, and it works out how fast you’re *really* going, so you can see how badly out your speedometer is.

Changing the route? Just turn a different way to the way it says, and it recalculates the route, and carries on. Hit really bad traffic, or a closed road? Same thing – just turn off, and it recalculates for you. If you go a *really* stupid direction, it’ll ask you to turn around, but if you ignore it, it’ll just work out another way.

Thanks, dad!