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Drawing Kit

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Tragedy struck last night. I discoved that my Cross ion pen had vanished, with just its little clip left hanging from my belt (yeah, I hang things from my belt, makes me think I’m Batman). I think it must have got caught on the seat belt when getting out of the car, but before we got home.

I vanished into our office with a Moleskine notebook and every pen I could lay my hands on to see what could act as a temporary replacement.

The Rotring Isograph .25mm just wasn’t easy enough to write with, which is a shame, as I carry that everywhere anyway. It didn’t have to be *too* quick for scribbling, as I use my Staedtler Mars 780 Leadholder pencil for scribbled notes anyway, but I need a pen I can write with as well as draw with.

The Pilot G-Tec C4 nearly made the cut as the full replacement, but although it does a really nice black line (pretty close to the isograph .25), it can’t make an area of plain black the same way. I also really wanted something refillable rather than disposable.

I ended up with the kit in the photo – the Staedtler pencil with 4B lead, and the .25 and .50 Rotring Isograph pens. The Isographs are nice to draw with, make a really solid and even black, and the .50 can write pretty well too.

Just hope I can manage to not lose any of these now 🙂

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