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What Is It?

The Rapidoliner was a victim of Rotring being taken over by Sanford. Shame, as it was a nice pen. I’d heard of them, but never used one, so when I read (thanks to Danny Gregory) that they were being phased out, I picked a couple up to try. They’re nice for reasonably careful drawing, but tend to skip a little if you try sketching or scribbling with them. Nice solid black mark, though, with very little fuss. Rotring still make the Isograph, which is the ‘real’ version of the Rapidoliner. It makes slightly better marks, but the cost is that you have to fill them with ink manually from a bottle. The Rapidoliner was a nice compromise.

Compare with lines from some other pens…


The refills are almost the whole pen – from the nib, right through the middle, to the bit that sticks out of the end to say what thickness it is. The only parts that aren’t disposable are the cap and a plastic sleeve.

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22 thoughts on “Rotring Rapidoliner

  1. Sharon et al

    Any success with your Rapidoliner surgery/transfusion? I’m about to follow you in this operation once I order the Rapido-eze. I have 4 dry Rapidoliners and hate to waste them or buy a new set @ $65. Please update if you can. Many thanks!

  2. Where are you finding a set @ $65? I have searched the web and had one site that claimed to have them, but didn’t. ebay doesn’t have anything either.

  3. One more question. If you loved the rapidoliner and had to replace it; would you go with the rotring isograph or the staedtler mars pen?

  4. I also had used the Rapidoliner pens for drawing and have since changed to the Rapidograph which I like very much. However, I notice that the Ultradraw ink that comes with the Rapidograph 7 Pen set is more gray whereas the rapidoliner is more black. I have seen other inks out there as well but have yet to try them! Can anyone tell me what kind of ink was used in the Rapidoliner? I would like to find the same deep black ink to refill the Rapidographs. Thanks!

  5. I have Rapidoliner Rotring Refills – all sizes. However, I am concerned that they may be dryed up. Does anyone know a way of humidifing these pens so the ink will flow again? I also have a NEVER USED set, and am willing to sell it and the refills to an interested party, but I want to make sure the ink will flow before selling an item that won’t work. Any help/interest is appreciated. Thanks, Karen

  6. These pens are a great alternative to the conventional rapidograph; they dry too quickly on me. And the ink refilling is a pain. The rapidoliner is also tough. I dropped one, I think the .25 or .35) on its tip, I bent it back into shape and it worked for the rest of its life. Also, I just found a site that has the set of 4 pens. I put my order in for that plus a couple of refills. Let’s see if they actually have it in stock. ( http://www.apluswhs.com/ )

  7. Thanks for the information – I’m glad I found this page. After years of struggling with high-maintenance technical pens, I found the Rotring Rapidoliner pens in 1990 and have used them consistently ever since. Amazingly, I can pick up one of these pens after not having used it for over a year and it works perfectly. I’m down to my last few Rapidoliners and, like everyone else, I hate to see them discontinued.

  8. does any one know a way of making Rotring black ink fluid, I have some bottles which have gone lumpy and was wondering if you could add a few drops of water or some sort of spirit such as meths or turpentine to make them usable again

    • That probably depends what the lumps are. If it’s just that the liquid has evaporated, water might do the job. If a lot of the liquid isn’t gone, though, a mold growth might be living in your ink. If that’s the case, you don’t want it in contact with your pens.

  9. Does anybody know why my Rotring pens won’t work after attaching a new cartridge? It is definitely fitted on properly but the ink just will not flow to the nib! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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