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What Is It?

A disposable fountain pen, using Pilot’s well-known V-system for ink delivery.

Any Good?

You’d think not, wouldn’t you? I was expecting it to be unpleasant to use and scratchy, but actually it feels quite nice. It’s not got the weighty feel of a good fountain pen, but it writes and glides smoothly, and the ink keeps flowing even when you go very quickly.

Good For

Seems to work ok for most things, really. Writes nicely, and even draws pretty well. Doesn’t vary line thickness with pressure much, but enough to get a bit of expression in there.

Not Good For

Well, the ink is a little on the gray side – not a nice solid black. Quite similar to the Shaeffer bottled ink we have. Not quite the quick convenience of a ballpen, because you have to make sure the nib is the right way up for writing, but certainly easier than most fountain pens.


I quite like it, but a really black black is important to me, so it’s not going to be used regularly.

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