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Still not sure what to actually call these things. First came across the idea in an article in Practical Photography magazine about Michael Hallett. He calls them Photo-Constructions. The same magazine did a ‘how-to’ article on them the next month, and called them ‘Joiners’. They’re somwhere between panoramas and collages.

Note quite a panorama, because there’s no attempt to hide the individual photos. Not quite collage, because it should make (sort of) a single image of a scene.

I like the idea of playing with the perspective a bit more, though, so a couple of the signs in this are bigger than they were originally, and the rusted skips have been duplicated and zoomed in on in a separate shot above.

(Sorry, just re-read that, and it sounds quite pretentious. I pointed a camera at it, pressed the button a couple of times, then glued them together with The GIMP.)

PhotoConstruction - Birmingham Crowne Plaza Car Park

Clicky piccy to see it bigger in Flickr – you really need to see it a bit bigger to get the idea.