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As we got close to home tonight, there was a fantastic sunset going on – I spotted a few good views of it from the A46, but we were on the wrong side, and didn’t find a good place to stop. At the last roundabout before home, we turned right around and came back to park in a lay-by, and got these shots…

Sunset from the A46 - Zoomed In, Sun Showing Through

Sunset from the A46 - Zoomed Out

Sunset from the A46 - Zoomed In, Sun Through Cloud

There was a sad twist to the spot we ended up stopping at, though. It was the exact spot of a serious accident a couple of weeks ago, where a tanker had crashed with a car, killing the car driver. The hedge we were taking the photos over had been filled with flowers…

Flowers by the A46 - In the Hedge

…and this note was on the ground…

Flowers by the A46 - Note

…he will obviously be very much missed by his family and loved ones.

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