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You might not need one of these yet, but you will when you become rich and famous.

So What Is It?

A felt-tip permanant marker pen. They’re usually just black, but other colours are available now, and there’s a few variations in tips. The basic Sharpie just has a pointed tip, though.

Used For?

It’s the classic celebrity autograph pen. Armed with a Sharpie, a roaming celeb can autograph anything thrust in their face in a couple of seconds. They’ll write on anything, they’re comfortable and easy to handle, and they make a good dark black mark (at least when they’re new – fade a bit with time). The marks they make last pretty well, too, so that signed buttock won’t come clean on the first rinse 😉

A lot of artists use a thinner black pen for most of the detail work and a Sharpie for filling areas. The Sharpie will draw on anything, though, so it’s great for art on unusual surfaces.

Then there’s the smell.

Variations on a Theme

The standard Sharpie is a pointed tip, just a little thicker than most pens. You can get chunky ones, though, and coloured ones, and also the twin-tip – a standard pointed tip at one end, and a much thinner tip at the other – useful for drawing.

Twin Tip

Our favourite is the Twin Tip – has a standard thick pointy tip at one end, and a thin tip at the other.

Thick End

Thin End

Both Samples Together

Used By

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