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Beatallica play modified Beatles songs in the style of early Metallica. They have been mentioned quite a bit on this site already, but deserve a place in the spotlight section for demonstrating what can happen if you act on the strange thoughts that often pop into your head when listening to music in the car.

In an interview with Ear Candy the band described how the project came to be:

Really the idea of Beatallica, and the naming, was on behalf of Jaymz, Krk, and D^2 (webmaster of puppets). There’s a festival in Milwaukee called Spoof Fest, where musicians get together to emulate and desecrate their favorite bands. One year, Metallica was done by Jaymz and Krk, before they were known as Jaymz and Krk. On the way to rehearsal, Krk heard “For No One” by the Beatles and mixed the progressions with Metallica thoughts on his mind. Jaymz did the same, only lyrically. What started as a whim quickly became an obsession with more and more songs. A recorded disc of songs was obtained by D^2 and he put up a website. It simply went nuts! He was the one to actually call the project “Beatallica”.

You can get hold of Beatallica’s two albums at www.beatallica.org – free Creative Commons MP3s. Download at your leisure, safe in the knowledge that Ringo Larz isn’t going to come round and head-butt you in the kneecaps.

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