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I’m currently moving pages from the Wiki over here to Pages in the blog, starting with the most popular pages. As I’m going, I’m setting up redirects for the pages. Unfortunately, during the transition, there’s going to be a few broken links, as I move pages over that link to other pages that I’ve not moved yet. If I tried to leave all the links to the old part of the site, then change them after moving the pages they point to, it would take twice as long, and this is going to take quite long enough as it is.

I’ve been working on this for most of the day so far, and I’ve done twelve pages. There’s 345 in total.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, as a lot of the pages just won’t be getting moved, and I’m starting with some of the biggest pages. Anyway, please excuse the mess whilst we move…

Update: Problems! We’ve hit some problems with the process…

  • Pages with the same name, under different ‘parent’ pages, are the same page. WordPress can’t tell the difference between ‘Art, Tools’ and ‘Music, Tools’, and ends up serving just one of the pages for both. This can be worked around by giving the pages different ‘slugs’ (the page name that’s used in the URL), but now we’ve already put lots of pages up and linked them together, we’d be breaking lots of links.
  • The Pages list on the right is getting very long – too long – and we’ve only moved a small fraction of the content over so far.
  • Sam doesn’t really like the new design.

The last one is relativley easy to fix – styles can be modified, or themes can be changed. The first problem is a pretty serious bug in WordPress – it treats the Page’s slug as a complete identifier for the Page, but it isn’t a complete identifier. Wouldn’t be so bad if it enforced this, and didn’t allow us to create duplicate slugs, but it doesn’t, so it does.

The length of the Pages list is a pretty serious problem too – it can be worked around with some manual work, making intermediate pages to link to deeper levels, but it would mean a lot of manual work. We’re trying to avoid that by using WordPress.

I’ve removed all the redirects (thankfully, I had the sense to make them all temporary, so nothing will have thought they’d actually moved already), so everything is back as it was for now.