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What Is It?

A Moleskine Notebook with the spine at the top, like a standard reporter’s pad. The only thing missing from the usual Moleskine design is the bookmark. The elastic closure is still there, as is the pocket in the back.


I use this as my main notebook, and as the basis for the PigPogPDA. The spine and opened pages get in the way in the standard notebooks, so I find the Pocket Reporter much more useful for writing in without a desk or table available.


The last 24 pages are perforated at the top, so you can easily tear them out to give other people notes. The expanding pocket in the back is just the right width for credit cards or business cards, and quite neatly takes folded money – my pocket reporter doubles up as a wallet.

The elastic closure can be used to hold the end of a pen alongside the notebook, to keep them together in your pocket.

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