Home :: First Day with Drupal

Well, we’re coming towards the end of our first day with the site running live on Drupal – so how’s it gone?

Not too bad, really. More things broken than I expected, which meant a bit of panic in the morning, and more errors than we intended to hit people with. There’s still a lot of stuff we haven’t moved over from the old Wiki, so we’re causing a lot of 404 errors.

Two people have signed up so far (Hello Gary (featcovers) and mothsailor). We’ve known Gary for quite a while, and he’s helped us out quite a lot with feedback on the site. We don’t know mothsailor so well, but I’ve been enjoying his drawings through his Flickr pics for a while now. Thanks for giving us a go 🙂

Anyway, we’ll keep going with moving stuff over from the old wiki, to fill out the content a bit more, and start posting again – I’ve got hundreds of things lined up to post from when I’ve just been too busy with other things, so the site should start moving a bit better soon.