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The fiddling should be nearly over for a while. I think I’ve got the advertising to a place we’re happy with now. There’s no ads at all on index pages, just on the actual content pages. The upshot of this is that navigating around the site should be quicker, without ads getting in the way, but the ads appear when you arrive at a page of real content. Users arriving from search engines or links should arrive straight at content pages, so they should get shown ads, which is good. If they’re arriving at index pages, they’ve either been sent to the wrong place, in which case we don’t waste more of their time showing them ads, or they need another click to get what they’re really after, in which case we don’t slow them down in getting to what they want.

We’ve cut down the number of blocks on the right, partly to speed things up, and partly to simplify things a bit further. Rather than taking up space on the page for a login box, which most visitors don’t want or need, we’ve replaced that with a link at the top. We’ve moved the link to the Forums back to the bottom line of the header, where it’s a bit bigger and more noticeable, and reformatted the ‘Coming Up’ section a bit with the little ‘double arrows’.

I’ve moved a load more content over from the old wiki again too – everything that’s ever been viewed more than 350 times now has been migrated to here. The rest will keep following bit-by-bit.

Now everything is feeling a bit more stable, I’ve turned on Drupal’s caching, which should help performance and scalability.

Any problems, let me know, but things seem to be going pretty well with the move now.