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Last Update: Added link to examples at RozWorks

What is it?

The Graphitint is a versatile new range of water soluble graphite Pencils from Derwent.

Versatile? Explain.

When used dry, they’re a collection of subtly-toned graphite pencils suitable for sketching. Add water and the subtle tones spring to life in vibrant watercolour.

How do they compare to watercolour pencils or Aquatone sticks?

When using Derwent Aquatone sticks or watercolour pencils dry, the results are rough and inconsistent, just as you’d expect from drawing with Watercolours that have been adapted to be used as pencils. Graphitints, however, are pencils first and watercolours second which makes them easier to work with dry.

As a watercolour, it holds up nicely against the Aquatone sticks and watercolour pencils, and it’s possible to work with both dry and wet in the same piece, handy for adding definition in watercolours of buildings and such like.

Are they suitable for beginners?

Well, I’m a beginner myself, and I find them easy and fun to use. Can’t wait to get stuck in on a project with them. I’ll post the results here when I have something worth showing off!

Wet ‘n’ Dry

For an idea of what they look like both wet and dry, we scribbled with a few different ones and splashed some water around with a Pentel Watercolour Brush. Click the pic to see it in Flickr with any comments. Once there, use the ‘All Sizes’ button above the pic to see the full size version.

Since the colours when wet are fairly different from the colours when dry, you’ll need a bit of experimenting to get used to the results. It means you get a much wider range of colours and effects available from the same set of pencils than you would with other watercolour pencils.


  • RozWorks Graphitint Journal Samples – an assortment of examples of use wet and dry, all by Roz.
  • Stephen Ormerod has started using them. At the moment, there’s an example picture at the bottom of his home page that’s slightly more impressive than our test scribbles.