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Angela Booth offers some advice on how to start making your writing pay…

Tuck your creative self away, and haul your inner marketer out of the closet. Divorce yourself from your work as much as you can. Grit your teeth, and flail yourself with a whip if necessary, but send your work out. Then forget it. Your first marketing efforts may be torture. That’s OK. You don’t have to enjoy marketing, you just have to do it.

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I think I’ll skip on the whole “flail yourself with a whip” part, actually. The only place I write at the moment is right here on PigPog, but it’s something that I’ll be giving some thought to. If I can get paid for writing articles for anywhere else, it could be a good addition to our income.

Writing for your own site can be good for the long-term payoff – you can be making small amounts of money from the ads on those pages for many years to come, so as time goes by, it should add up. The initial payout is zero, though, so you need a way to live whilst the long-term happens.

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