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After saying right here, just a couple of days ago, that the fiddling with the ads should be all over, I’ve been fiddling with the ads again today. It turned out that the changes made hadn’t left us with a decent click-through rate at all, so we weren’t bringing much money in – less than before, and probably not even enough to cover the hosting of the site. Anyway, I’ve made more changes today, taking it much closer to how it was before we moved to Drupal. It was working well then, so hopefully it will work well now.

The result is a little Chitika banner at the top of the content pages, and an AdSense rectangle on the left. There’s also the same pair of Chitika and AdSense banners further down as before. Although the rectangle intrudes further into the content on the left, it’s also narrower than the combination that was there before, so the layout of the page doesn’t seem to be hurt as much as it was, so we’ll keep an eye on things and see how it goes.

Whilst doing this, I’ve also put code in place to withold the ads depending on the roles a user has, which means if someone is in the ‘Subscriber’ role, they don’t see any ads. Not sure quite how we’ll use this yet, or even if we’ll use it, but it means we have the option of letting people pay a subscription to get PigPog with no ads. Possibly $10 a year to remove the ads, but we need to think about this. If you’ve got any thoughts on it, do let us know.