Home :: Continued Ad Tweaking

After posting recently about AdSense and Chitika, the recent changes Citika had made (which I hadn’t expected to make much difference to us) seemed to hit us pretty hard. The number of clicks a day went from a few to zero. Then it went back again. Looks like we just had a couple of unlucky days.

Anyway, I took the chance to do a bit more tweaking, making two main changes…

  • Reduced ads for logged in users – if you create an account and log in, you’re more likely to be a regular visitor. Regular visitors are good, and we love them, so we shouldn’t bombard them with as many ads as someone who just drops in via Google. I’d already made a bit of progress on this, but it’s more so now. In return, though, even logged in users get the little links bar at the top, and a bar of ads at the bottom. In the content, there’s just one small ad on the right, and the manually inserted Chitika ones (what? Keep reading…)
  • Finally figured out how to get Drupal to replace hidden tags with ads, and feed it the keyword. This means we can stick a code in the article, which will be ignored if the code to process it isn’t there for any reason (broken by an upgrade, say), but will be replaced by a keyword-based ad if it is. This could be anything later, but for the forseeable future, it’s a Chitika ad, with the keyword passed to it as the search term. This means we can put ads in the middle of long articles, and make sure they are really relevant to what we’re talking about – if possible, for the actual product we’re talking about.

I’ll show you what I mean – here…

The second type will only be going in some of the longer pages, and only where there’s something relevant to link to, so we’ll try not to push it.

Like the other ads, these will be smaller and less intrusive for logged in users.

Anyway, as ever, do drop us a comment if you have any thoughts.