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Digital Photography Review have reviewed the Olympus SP-310, and sounds kind of interesting…

  • 7.1 megapixel
  • 3x zoom (yeah, yeah, everyone’s got one)
  • 2cm Macro (pretty close)
  • RAW format recording (unusual at this price point)
  • 510 shot battery life (impressive)

Unfortunately, there’s down sides too…

* Those stupid XD cards Olly and Fuji keep insisting on
* 10 seconds to actually write the RAW files makes them almost useless

I think unfortuately, the downsides are pretty bad – I really hold the XD card thing against them, and the RAW ability was one real selling point that’s been blown by the slowness. Still, it’s quite unusual at quite a low price, so it’s likely to make a few friends. Oh, and they seem to have made quite a nice compromise between size and handling judging by the looks – nice and big where you’d hold it, small everywhere else.

Anyway, DPReview give it their ‘Recommended’ award…

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