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With their usual excellent style and depth, Digital Photography Review have looked at the new Canon PowerShot A620, and it looks very nice indeed. It’s the replacement for the A95, which was a popular camera, and it looks like this should be even more so.

  • 7.1 megapixels (probably the same sensor that’s in my Ixus 750, which certainly performs well).
  • 4x optical zoom (nice to see a little more than the usual 3x).
  • Fast performance – the DIGIC II processor makes things much faster than previous cameras, and they seem to be getting better at focusing too.
  • Usual Canon build and reliability – the main reason I bought a Canon.

It’s by no means pocketable like my Ixus is, but gives you a bit more control and a bit more zoom, both of which can come in useful. If you don’t mind having a compact that’s not very compact, this could be a great camera.

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