Upgrading Phones with Orange – SPV M1500 and SPV C550

Update: My review of the SPV M1500 is now available.

We upgraded our handsets through Orange the other day, so I thought I’d share our thoughts on the process. End result (in case you can’t be bothered with reading all this) is that I now have an SPV M1500, and Sam has an SPV C550. If you’re just after knowing what I think of the handsets, skip on down a bit – I’ll start with a bit of background that may be tedious…

Online Toys

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Assorted Online Toys

  • Fax Toy – you send a fax to their number (in the US), and they’ll post it on the site. Visit the site, and you can browse through what other people have sent. Want to send the fax over the Internet – without a fax machine? There’s a page by the same guy that tells you how.

Sam’s List of the Year

Now the main event of Christmas is out of the way and all that’s left to do is eat biscuits and comment on how nice the homemade yorkshire pudding was this year, it’s time to get all retrospective and look back on the highlights of the year. Here, then, are my top people, bands/albums, stuff and suppliers of the year…

People of the Year

Folks who, through one way or another, have been an inspiration to me:

  • Michael Nobbs – for The Beany, for The Drawing Club, and for the few months he acted as my drawing tutor.
  • Blue – for being a groovy spiritual being and a great source of support during the Christmas Market.
  • Jori Lynn Keyser – for the sound advice that has been and the sound advice that’s to come.
  • SARK – for “Make Your Creative Dreams Real”, “Succulent Wild Women” and “Living Juicy”.
  • Douglas Johnston – for getting me into using a planner again.
  • Emma Dicks – for pissing off to Australia for a year. Sorry, for showing that if it feels good, do it!
  • Jacqueline Kilpatrick – for being just about the coolest damn granny on earth.
  • Dean Edwards – for giving me the opportunity to illustrate one of his upcoming stories.
  • Darren Beniston – for being my favourite adopted sibling and also for being the most amusing pervert who ever trundled.
  • Michael Randall – for another wonderful year of love and companionship, and for having the bravery to give up work in pursuit of a better life for both of us.

Peter Callesen: Paper Sculptures from Single Sheets of A4

Peter Callesen is a sculptor who works in paper. Most of his work seems to be made from single sheets of A4 paper, 80gsm – the sort of paper you probably have lying around for your printer.

That makes it pretty easy to have a go at doing some of these, but I’m guessing you won’t get anywhere close to the results he gets. The pics are quite amazing – I especially love the snow scenes shown at the Korean site listed below…

Quizzes and Stuff

(These quizzes may be aimed a bit towards the UK – especially the Retro Toys one.)

Our guess is by now you’re stuffed with turkey and trimmings, and are grazing the interweb because you’re fed up with expecting the TV to turn out anything decent. No worries, we’ve got you covered with this fine selection of quizzes we’ve accumulated over the past couple of years. Much as we’d love to claim credit for them, they are in fact legendary quizzes that have circulated by email for some time now. Never have spreadsheets been so much fun.