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A round-up of quick, easy ways to make calendars for the coming year.

Just a couple of ‘productvity’ ones for now, more decorative ones later.


In outlook and similar email clients, it’s as easy as ctrl-P. In your print dialog you have several options to choose from – choose whichever suits (depending how busy you’re planning on being over the coming year) and print! Any dates you have marked in Outlook already will come up on your print out. Not many opportunities to get creative, but if all you need is a bit of paper to remind you… ooh, let’s say for example… when it’s you and your partner’s 10th anniversary*, all you need is there.

D I Y Planner

The beautiful people at D I Y Planner have come up with everything you could ever possibly want to cram in a filofax, and produce a range of calendar inserts to suit all needs, along with all manner of other useful forms. So, again, for example, completely at random here, not only do you want a reminder of when you and your partner’s 10th anniversary* is, you also want a shopping list to write down all the fantastic gifts you’re going to buy – D I Y Planner is the place to go for your forms, whether you use A4, A5, or consider yourself a bit of a hipster.

13th January. If he forgets, I’ll throttle him. 😉