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From Reuters Oddly Enough:

LIVERPOOL (Reuters) – John Lennon impersonator Neil Harrison says he would find it hard to give up his more famous alter ego, having mimicked the master songwriter for more than 25 years.

Harrison embarked on his bizarre career path in March, 1980, nine months before former Beatle Lennon was slain on December 8 outside his New York apartment, aged 40

“I’ve been playing John Lennon longer than John Lennon played him.”

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We used to go to Bootleg Beatles shows every year or so, and I met Neil Harrison one year. He’s a lovely guy and he really does look like the much missed Dr Winston O’Boogie.

Tomorrow marks 25 years since John Lennon was murdered. If you want to take some time out to remember him, I recommend these links:

And Neil Harrison can be seen at… The Bootleg Beatles Website