Home :: Samsung Pro815 Reviewed by DPReview

Another fine review from DPReview. I read about this one in a magazine some time back, and it sounded very promising. Unfortunately, from the review, it doesn’t sound like the result quite measures up. Promising spec…

[image:1180 align=right size=small] * 15x optical zoom – that’s some serious zoom – most ‘superzoom’ cameras top out at 10x or maybe 12x. * 8 megapixels – well, you’d expect plenty in a high end camera. * 3.5″ screen – the biggest on most cameras is around 2.5″. * 500-shot battery life – more than most. * Second colour screen on top for waist-level shooting – unusual.

Unfortunately, its speed lets it down, which is something I find particularly difficult to live with. The image quality sounds quite poor, too, especialy considering it’s a big, expensive camera, with Pro in its title. Oh, and there’s no image stablising to keep your shots steady with that 15x zoom. Probably for the best that I don’t want one, really, with a £520 price tag.