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Just a few books you might want to buy as Christmas presents for your creative friends and loved ones, or buy for yourself. Go on, Santa won’t mind…

The True and the Questions – Sabrina Ward Harrison

Sabrina is well-known for her own illustrated journals, and in this book she guides readers on how to make their own.
£14.99 at Amazon UK
$11.53 at Amazon US

The Creative License – Danny Gregory

I’m really looking forward to this one, but it’s not out until January. Would perhaps make a great New Year gift. Want to give it as a Christmas present anyway? Danny himself came up with a cunning plan to help you do just that.
£8.27 at Amazon UK
$10.88 at Amazon US
(it looks like the book’s already available at Amazon.com – you lucky people).

Make Your Creative Dreams Real – SARK

To anyone starting out on their creative journey, any book by SARK will be a help, but this one in particular offers support and practical advice to help you stop dreaming and start doing.
£8.27 at Amazon UK
$19.19 at Amazon US

Everyday Matters – Danny Gregory

A beautiful, inspiring “New York diary”. An ideal gift for anyone, not just us creative types 😉
£8.27 at Amazon UK
$19.19 at Amazon US

Don’t forget Amazon deliver gift certificates by email even on Christmas Day, and, of course, if you visit Amazon via the link on this very page, we’ll get a bit of commission, and that would be just lovely. Merry Christmas to you.

(Prices correct at time of writing, but may change.)

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