Home :: MPA Wants to Jail Owners of Lyrics and Tablature Sites

The Music Publishers’ Association is intending to start a campaign to shut down site that share song lyrics and sheet music or guitar tab in 2006.

Fining people for sharing the music online isn’t enough, so now they’re after imprisonment for telling people how to play songs themselves.

I can understand the idea that the lyrics and music are copyrighted, but doesn’t there come a point where things are going just a bit too far? It’s because of this sort of thing that we need the Open Rights Group.

  • Story on BBC News
  • Pledge £5 a month to the ORG – if you think we need a group to help defend our rights to fair use of copyright materials, you can pledge £5 a month to help the Open Rights Group get started. Over 1000 people have so far (including me), so hopefully they can start to do some good. With great people like Danny and Suw behind them, the could make a real difference. (Thanks to Boing Boing.)