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UPDATE — The story so far… the Epi was originally ordered from GAK, who couldn’t despatch before the end of January, and seemingly couldn’t keep their telephone lines free to enable us to ring and talk to them about it, so the order was cancelled. After a fruitless search around local stores, I had pretty much given up on getting one. Until I decided to go through every store I remember seeing advertised in various guitar magazines, and hey presto! Found one at Soho Soundhouse. Taking a bit of a compromise on the colour, having an ebony finish instead of alpine white, but I should have one of these to review after all. Christmas is now resumed, hurrah!

Now to return you to the original article…

When we were just starting to get into guitars at the beginning of the year, I thought I’d never have the chance to play, let alone own, a Les Paul. I knew there were copies out there from the likes of Vintage or Shine, but assumed that even Epiphone’s range would remain out of reach because decent Les Paul guitars do not come cheap.

[Image:1214 size=original]

This one, however, does. The Les Paul Special II (curiously just known as the Special II on Epiphone’s website) has all you’d expect from these beautiful guitars, and for about the same price you’d expect to pay for a Squier Strat, or a cheap Telecaster copy.

More information, including current price, here

I’ll be posting a full review of one of these beauties in the New Year, ‘cos I’m getting one for Christmas. Thank you Michael. I love you. 🙂