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Some time ago, my dad bought me a Medion GPS system (an MDPNA 200S), and it worked nicely enough as a GPS. We’ve not used it much recenly, as we can get to and from Sam’s work pretty nicely without GPS, but it works well enough when we need it.

When he originally gave it to me, he’d included a sheet of instructions for accessing the underlying Windows CE OS, but I never got around to trying it. With an assortment of PDAs lying around, it didn’t seem too useful.

I got a new bag the other day, and whilst finding a home for the GPS unit in the new bag, thought I’d give it a try. Found the instructions here…

…and tried it out. The only thing I had to do differently to the instrutions at the start was copying the ShowTaskbar program into the startup group at the beginning so I could switch back to the registry editor after the Medion software had jumped up to the front.

Now I have a Medion GPS that starts up to the Windows CE desktop rather than Medion’s intro screen…

[image:1259 size=small]

The most useful part, and the main reason I wanted to try this, is that eReader seems to work fine. Once you’ve got the machine starting up to a desktop, install from the PC as usual, and it appears in the Start menu.

[image:1260 size=small]

If I’m going to carry it around anyway, it might as well be able to read books as well as navigate, and with more software available, I may find other uses for it yet too.