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(These quizzes may be aimed a bit towards the UK – especially the Retro Toys one.)

Our guess is by now you’re stuffed with turkey and trimmings, and are grazing the interweb because you’re fed up with expecting the TV to turn out anything decent. No worries, we’ve got you covered with this fine selection of quizzes we’ve accumulated over the past couple of years. Much as we’d love to claim credit for them, they are in fact legendary quizzes that have circulated by email for some time now. Never have spreadsheets been so much fun.

Here are the quizzes (Microsoft Excel files – pretty big but worth the download), can you beat Sam’s turkey-addled feeble attempts?

  • Music Photos (2.86mb) – A music picture quiz. How many bands can you recognise? Can you beat my score of 223 out of 270?
  • MiniPops (135k) – The fantastic Minipops quiz. Pixelly blocks of pop culture goodness. My score was 84 out of 95.
  • Retro Toys (1.2mb) – Retro Toys Quiz. Can your encyclopedic knowledge of the Argos catalogue beat my piffling 70%?

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas. Why yes, I will have another mince pie…

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