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Whoever thought telemarketing was a good idea needs to be shot. Whoever it was who rang my mobile just now managed to leave a voicemail message of background noise because they’re so good at their job they forgot to hang up the phone when I hit ‘ignore call’.

Idiots. Still, I got an amusing insight into two minutes at a dodgy telemarketing office “Hi, I’m calling from… oh, you’re ex-directory, sorry.” “No, we won’t call you again” “Mobiles! We got mobiles!” “I hate my job and I wish I was dead”.

Unfortunately they didn’t leave a number. So I couldn’t call them back and ask them why they’re ringing people who are registered with the TPS, an organisation set up to help people stop getting annoying calls like these.

Looks like OFCOM are going to clamp down on this sort of thing soon though. I’d like to see a clause where pissed-off people can track down the CEOs of the companies making these annoying calls, corner them in their car park and pelt them with off eggs.

Rant over. I’ll return you now to nice articles about origami, moleskines and GTD.

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