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Artist, tea drinker and all round good guy Michael Nobbs has had something of an epiphany:

“I have noticed that the thing that was missing over the holidays was guilt. Generally I ate, rested and had fun without feeling guilty. Once the holidays end, it’s the guilt that tries to drag me to my desk. It’s the guilt I fight against. Suddenly there’s no pleasure in not doing (or in doing, for that matter). So, for 2006, I’m going to try and feel less guilty and see where it takes me…”

This time of year it’s all too easy to wallow (or drown) in guilt, which brings about that drudging ‘January feeling’, when everybody’s grumpy because they feel guilty about their weight, lifestyle, income or career (when I say ‘they’, I do of course mean ‘me’). Michael’s idea of relaxing and feeling generally less guilty about life is just about the best new year’s resolution ever.

Meanwhile, another of our favourite gurus; 43 Folders’ Merlin Mann, has released a new podcast introducing a new series on his site called Fresh Starts & Modest Changes. Worth keeping an eye on the site for the articles, and worth getting hold of the podcasts, because unlike many others, Merlin really has nailed the art of the podcast – keeps it short and funny, and manages to sign off with the line “…see you in cyberspace” and get away with it.