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Latest Update: The date is set – see the bottom of the post 😀

(It’s no good – I can’t wait until tomorrow to post this – our anniversary is actually on the 13th…)

Personal stuff ahead, and it’s all mushy – you might want to skip this one if you don’t like that sort of thing.

In case you’re not aware of it already, PigPog consists of two people – I’m Michael, and my partner is Sam. Today is our anniversary – she’s been with me for ten years, and it seems like a good time to explain just why I love her so much, and why she’s so important to me.


I once said that our relationship was more like Bill and Ted than a ‘normal’ couple – we’re best friends before anything else. We get on well together. So well, that in ten years, we’ve never really had an argument. Can you believe that? Two people who get on so well that they could be together for ten years, and never really argue? Well, it’s true. We just love to spend all of our time together, at home, out and about, anywhere. We’ve never run out of things to talk about, things to laugh about.


We’re silly, and it’s a pretty good way to be. We can spend hours just being silly and having fun together, even with nothing much to entertain us. Sam has a wonderful sense of humour – full of strangeness. There’s things we find joy in that nobody else would, and that’s a great thing to share. The delight of seeing someone yawning whilst driving in the other direction to us. The joy of seeing a dog having a poo in the morning.


Sam has always been supportive to me. She’s helped me out in any way she can for as long as I’ve known her. When my work got tough, she supported me through it. When I crashed our car, and it was written off, she helped me to get everything sorted out. When my work became too much for me to deal with, she encouraged me to quit and look elsewhere for happiness. She even wrote my resignation letter for me. I think if I’d hesitated much longer, she’d have caught the bus there and delivered it for me, and that would have been unpleasant for all concerned.

Now, she goes out to work to bring in money, so I don’t have to. I don’t go to work any more – I just stay at home and work on PigPog, and whatever else I want to do. We don’t really know how long we’ll be able to manage to keep this going financially before the money runs too low, but could anyone give a better gift than not having to go out to work?

When we were both working, we made a reasonable amount of money. I usually wanted to spend it on new gadgets and toys. Not only did Sam never stop me or complain, but when I had trouble finding somewhere that stocked the VGA iPaq I wanted, she rang around shops until she tracked one down, and ordered it for me.


PigPog is all about creativity, but long before it was, Sam was. Her creativity inspired me as much as anything else to relaunch the site as it is now. She plays and enjoys playing more than almost anyone I’ve met.

So Why…?

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – if all this is true and she’s so damn great, why haven’t you married her yet? I think Mil Millington explains it pretty well…

>What is it with you Americans and marriage? You seem to have some kind of confusion that makes a ritual inseparable from the thing it announces. I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but if you don’t have a funeral, you’re still dead, OK? No, we’re never going to get married. And we’ve spent the money it would have cost us on a loft conversion.

It’s not that we don’t want to be attached, it’s just that we’re happy to be together without any legal or religious matters getting involved.

We like to stay together because we choose to be together, not because a divorce would be too much like hard work.

We kind of like things the way they are.

Oh, never mind.

If you’re still reading at this point, you probably are Sam. (And if Sam got bored and stopped reading a couple of paragraphs ago, I guess I really blew it.)

And this may be my one and only chance to be as geeky as CmdrTaco.




I love you.

Will you marry me?

(Oh and if she says ‘yes’, does anyone know a good howto for making a ring? We need to do this thing creatively)

Update: See the comments – she said yes! W00t. So, we had to go shopping today. Turned out she didn’t want something made from soldered guitar strings. I guess I have a lot to learn…


Update 2: She doesn’t hang around. The wedding is now booked – Monday April 24th, at 11:30.

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