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I decided to give the new version of Thunderbird a go for RSS reading, since I’d read that it now supports importing OPML. Tried it, don’t like it.

I’ll be sticking with Bloglines again.


  • No progress indicator that I could see – I set it off to download feeds, and nothing seemed to happen. After trying to work out for a while if it was doing anything, I gave up and closed it. Opened it again a few minutes later, and a random selection of feeds had been updated.
  • Feeds seem to prefer opening the linked web page, not the content of the feed, even though I told it to show the feed. Probably not much hassle if you’re on broadband or always online, but on a tablet PC that usually connects by dial-up, it’s not good.

So, it might be a perfectly decent mail client, but it still doesn’t look like it’s much of an RSS reader. On the other hand, at least now it’s got OPML import and export, you can try it easily enough.

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