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tech ronin has done a comparative review of the Treo 650 against Moleskine notebooks.

The conclusion is a bit of a draw – they’re obviously good at different things – but Janet makes some good points in the comparison…

For all its fantastic modern swiss army knife features, my Treo doesn’t inspire me to write. Although, there’s one case that isn’t true — my web connection might provide me with stimulus to write.

My Moleskines. Here’s where a lot of my current writing is. It’s an excellent, enjoyable tool for writing ideas and notes and drawings. And sketching if I were so inclined.

I think the important thing is to use whatever inspires you more. I’m back with a Windows Mobile PDA (my new phone, actually – an Orange SPV M1500), and I’m finding I get more done using that than with anything else. I think I tend to resist writing something on paper because I know I’ll just have to type it in later to be able to post it anyway. If I’m doing the actual writing in a note in Pocket Informant, I know it will be in Outlook later, and I’ll be able to copy and paste it to PigPog from there.

Oh, and Janet’s thoughts on the future are interesting too, but I’ll not give those away, so you’ll have to…

(Via Moleskinerie, I’m afraid. Sorry – Janet’s even signed up to PigPog, so I really should have been watching a bit more carefully – sorry, Janet, I’ll subscribe now!)

(It gets more embarassing – I just went to the front page of Janet’s blog to subscribe, and found she’s written a post about her two new favourite blogs, and we’re one of them! Thanks Janet!)

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