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404: Not Found. Sorry – the page you requested doesn\’t exist, but this is PigPog\’s Finder page, which can help you to find what you\’re looking for here on PigPog, and also through various other search engines…

$ppkw = “”;

//Now we work out what to do with it…
if ($ppkw == “”) :

You\’ve landed on our Finder page without clicking on a link in an article. You probably want to either return Home, and find what you\’re looking for from there, or use the search box below to find it.


else :

” . $ppkw . “


$ppkwurl = urlencode($ppkw);

print(“Click on any of the links below to look up ” . $ppkw . ” there…”);

//Now we’ll output the search things…

global $user;
if (in_array(‘Subscriber’,$user->roles) == 0) {


PigPog’s Keyword Lookup function is designed to make it easier to research terms we’ve mentioned (or anything else through the ‘find’ form at the top of the page). We link words here that we think people may want to find out more about, so you can look it up on various different research sites with one click.

A bit more about the sites we’ve chosen and why…

  • PigPog – us, obviously, so you can use this page to search this site, and to find other mentions of the term.
  • Google – I’m sure you already know Google – so you can search the web from here too. You can also use this search box here to search either PigPog or the web generally using Google. When searching the web, it’s a ‘PigPog Flavour’ search – it will tend towards finding things related to this site.

  • Google




  • Wikipedia – a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Wikipedia is a fantastic resource, with over a million articles, and contains a lot of in-depth information. If an encyclopedia would give you good results, Wikipedia should too, but with so many articles, Wikipedia covers a lot of ground that a ‘real’ encyclopedia couldn’t hope to cover.
  • Amazon – US and UK – good if you want information about a product they sell, or want to buy one. If you follow these links, and do buy something, we’ll get a little cut to help keep PigPog running.
  • Technorati – its strong point is finding out what bloggers are saying about something right now – Technorati searches blog results in real time. Good for opinion, especially about current things. The ‘tags’ search only finds things people have actually chosen to tag with that word, and includes photos and URLs as well as blog posts.
  • del.icio.us – a social bookmarking site – finds links that people have tagged with your search terms. Better for single words than phrases, but can find you some good stuff that the others miss.

Are we missing anything we really should have? Let us know in the comments below.

Bear in mind that the comments are attached to the Finder page in general – not to the terms you looked up. Feedback in the comments about what search engines we should include, or how we could better lay out the list of them, would be useful. Comments about whatever you were looking up at the time will appear when people are searching for other things and won’t be relevant.

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