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Time for a bit of an update on PigPog.

Thanks to all the people who’ve signed up for accounts – there’s now 55 users on PigPog, so we’re not feeling as lonely here as we were. A site like PigPog can only really go so far with just Sam and I talking all the time – comments from other people make a real difference.

Changes to Ads

General Ads in Articles

I know, it’s like a scab – I just can’t leave the ads alone. Not too much changed this time, and it’s reasonably low-key. When we’re writing articles, we can insert tags that tell PigPog where to display ads in the middle – I’ve tweaked these a bit so they’re easier for us to do, and put a bit more variety in. We’ll probably use more of these, so there’s not quite so many Chitika ads. The Chitika ones are interesting, but they are a bit slower than the others to display, so we don’t want too many of them. AdSense ads are faster and feel less intrusive to me.

  • See Making Money from your Web Site for more on AdSense and Chitika. (In comparison to when that article was written, we’re doing better from AdSense, but no better from Chitika. I do think Chitika is worth a go, and can add some variety, but from our experience, AdSense is still the best.)

Keyword Lookup Pages

The other change is a new type of ‘ads’ that I’ve been planning for a while – keyword links. From our end, we just tag some words in the text, and PigPog turns those words into a link to a keyword page for those words. So if we tagged the word ‘Moleskine’, it would display as the word Moleskine, but linked to the keyword page for Moleskine. The keyword page is a list of links to look up the words on various different sites – Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Technorati, and del.icio.us.

We make a cut if you click the links through to Amazon and end up buying something, and there’s ads on the page that we can make some money from too, so it’s all done in a terribly cynical way to try to scam more money out of you. But at least we admit it 😉

Actually, we’re hoping it strikes a good balance – there’s several really useful links that should help you to find out about the tagged words, and enough ads to hopefully help pay for all this.

To make it clear which links these are, I’ve made these keyword links green instead of blue. And what do they look like? Here – Moleskine and Canon Ixus – like those.

If you’ve got any feedback on these, do post a comment below, and let us know what you think.

The PigPog Wedding

In case anyone’s not sure, my online proposal was completely genuine, and she said ‘yes’ – we’re getting married on April 24th. And it wasn’t pre-planned between us, either – that post was the first Sam knew about it.

Sam did suggest podcasting the actual wedding, but she might have been joking. I can’t always tell.

PigPog Pro

My quest to stay away from work is doing ok so far. We’re starting to run low on money, though, and the wedding won’t help, so I need to start finding some better ways to bring in some cash, else I’ll have to find a job eventually.

Shame, really – I do enjoy being a professional layabout.

That reminds me. Apparantly, we’ll have to state our jobs on the marriage license – Sam thinks I should call myself a writer, as I’m writing sort-of-professionally for PigPog at the moment. I like the idea of putting “Layabout”. Any ideas?