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Lifehacker tell us that there’s a new product out – 3M Post-it Super Sticky Whiteboard Sheets. Catchy name, but it’s just a sheet of whiteboard you can stick on your wall. They’re probably intended for meetings in ill-equipped rooms at work, but I’m sure we can be more creative than that for uses, can’t we?

  • Turn your spare bedroom into a brainstorming centre for planning your novel.
  • Chuck it on the living room wall for planning a family outing.
  • Stick it on the wall in the garage for plans whilst building your latest project.
  • Stick ’em anywhere, and doodle every time you pass one.
  • Stick them on the floor, and doodle with your feet.
  • Parents – stick them on the floor, and draw streets for your children’s toy cars.
  • Put one on the wall where the kids tend to scribble on the paintwork.
  • On the table – make your own board games.
  • On your kitchen cupboards for shopping lists or inventories.
  • Stick one on the front of the fridge to scribble expiry dates on.
  • Put one on the door to each room, and use them to list Things To Do in that room.

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