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We decided today to go out and get the rings. Because of our limited financial status at the moment, we weren’t going for anything expensive. Sam settled on a simple gold band that was only £10. Being a bit fussy, I wanted a ring to match my watch, so I wanted titanium, but that was ok – Argos (Oh, yes, Elizabeth Duke at Argos – classy 😉 had one reduced (further class) from £30 to £15.

The problem was that the new catalogue is out tomorrow, so it was reduced to clear, and wouldn’t be available after today. We had to pop into Arnold first (Sam had to nip into her work to pick up her iPaq that she’d forgotten yesterday), but we decided to go straight to the bigger Argos at Riverside Retail Park rather than trying the one at Arnold.

Over there, we managed to get the ring Sam wanted ordered, so they’ll call us when it’s available.

Mine wasn’t in stock in my size, but there was one the right size in the Victoria Centre branch. We thought about it, but going into the centre of Nottingham is always a bit of a pain, so we just figured we’d get one somewhere else.

After a bit of hunting around in the Interweb, we realised that even at £30 it had been very good value, and there was nothing to be found for closer to £15.

(By far the nicest-looking ones we found were at Titanium Era. No idea who they are or how reliable they are, but check out the Galahad for example, or the perfect ring for productivity fanboys – the Merlin. There’s even one for Canon fanboy photographers – the Eos. If we had lots of money to spare, I’d probably be checking into them a bit further, but they’re a bit beyond budget for now.)

Anyway, once we figured out that to get anything comparable, we’d have to spend more than twice as much, a trip into Nottingham didn’t seem so bad after all, so off we went.

They found the ring. I tried it on. It was too loose. It would have fallen off. Damn. I obviously didn’t measure myself very well. They didn’t have the next size down, but another branch nearby did – Arnold.

So off we went back to Arnold, and got the ring. We went around in a big circle to get a ring. Irony?


[image:1360 size=small]

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