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Michael Golembewski had an interesting thought. A flatbed scanner takes an image. The CCD sensor in the back or a digital camera does the same thing. A CCD does it a whole lot faster, and it’s a whole lot smaller, but they’re not far off being the same thing, in a practical sense. So he wondered what would happen if you were to stick a camera body to a flatbed scanner, and scan the camera from the inside.

So he tried it. One large format camera, one cheap scanner, and a lot of duct tape. The results weren’t too bad. But when the subject moved, they became a whole lot more interesting. The thing about a scanner is that it takes it quite a bit of time to take the image, and if the subject moves during that time, the results can be some very weird distortions. Some parts of the subject might show up twice. Some parts might not show up at all.

Oh, just go visit and see some of the sample images…

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