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Daler-Rowney have created a new range of artists’ pencils with a selection of sketching, watercolour, graphic and pastel pencils.

The sketching pencils come in a tin of 12, and consist of:

  • HB Graphite
  • Charcoal
  • Sanguine Smooth
  • Black Smooth
  • Sepia Drawing Dark
  • Sepia Drawing Light
  • Sanguine Drawing
  • White Drawing
  • Black Drawing
  • Watersoluble 8B
  • Watersoluble 4B
  • Watersoluble HB

[image:1380 size=small]

It’s a good selection of pencil types and colours, ideal for planning paintings and marking out areas of light and shade. Derwent do a collection of sketching pencils with a greater selection, but this set seems to be better quality. The pencils themselves work better on smooth paper – the sketch above was done on a sheet of white copy paper. They’re nice and light – with the exception of the graphite pencil which draws clear, hard HB lines.

As far as prices go, they’re quite reasonable – about £10.00 in the UK, about $8 in the US.