Jim Victor: Food Sculptor

Jim Victor is a sculptor, who works primarily in the medium of butter.

Yes, butter, and other foods. His work is pretty amazing, though – mainly done for state fairs and farming shows and such like, from the look of it. I’ve not even seen all of the examples on his site, because there’s too many pictures for our puny Internet connection to handle, but they do look tasty. Well, apart from the Hershey chocolate – that tastes nasty. And the Kraft cheese is just a bit too orange to really look appetising – come on America, it’s time to make up with France – they could teach you about real cheese.

Anyway. He seems to have quite a skill for making them stay upright when they really shouldn’t – a butter cow, for example – the legs shouldn’t support the weight of all that butter, but they still do. Mind you, a real cow’s legs support the weight of all that beef…

Mounting in a Display Case

Christian Eriksson has put together a little step-by-step on how he mounted a couple of small Star Wars collectable miniatures in a display case, using the little risers you use to attach a motherboard to the case (should be very cheap and readily available in computer shops – there’s probably similar things in hardware stores too). The case itself was from Ikea, so can probably be got cheaply enough pretty much anywhere…

More from Sam’s Studio

Another couple of pictures here, first – here’s another watercolour.

[image:1553 size=small]

Again, I used Cotman watercolour pans, Gerstaecker paper and Pentel Aquash brushes.