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Yeah, seriously. I’m reviewing a pencil sharpener. But you’ve got to admit, it’s a nice looking pencil sharpener…

[image:1400 size=small]

…if you like natural wood. And who doesn’t like a bit of natural wood?

It’s made by Lyra, and the bottom is marked Art.-Nr. 9545. There’s one small hole and one larger hole, each with their own blade. So. How well does it sharpen? Unfortunately, it’s a bit disapointing. The larger hole makes for a really overly steep angle – quite a blunt tip, and even the smaller hole is fairly steep. Both holes left the lead a bit chipped, too. Not by any means unusable, but not a good finish.

If you happen to collect pencil sharpeners (don’t laugh – someone might – I’m sitting here reviewing one) then one of these would look damn nice amongst the others. If you’re not too fussy about the finish on your pencils, or tend to tidy the tips off on scrap paper before use anyway, it might do the job. If you’re picking a pencil sharpener for the quality of the sharpening, though, I’d look elsewhere.