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On this page we’ll list the best stores for getting stocked up on all your craft materials, but we will need your help! We only have experience of UK stores, so any recommendations from our friends in other countries would be much appreciated.



It’s easy to go mad in Hobbycraft. Trust me. So the most important things to take into the store with you are self-restraint and willpower. Aw, to heck with it. It’s a total Aladdin’s Cave of creativity in there, covering every possible arty/crafty persuasion – paints, paper, fabrics, yarn, scrapbooking gear, jewellery making gear, cake decorations, you name it, they have it. They also have a vast array of useful How To leaflets, handy if you fancy trying something new but haven’t a clue where to start. If you have the creative itch, but aren’t quite sure how it should be scratched, they also have a collection of step-by-step project leaflets.

Their web site is a good resource for crafty tips and product news, but unfortunately they don’t have an online shopping facility. However, they do have a mail order service – you can print off an order form, check stock over the phone, and send in your order by email, fax or post. I prefer visiting the store. I just have to restrain myself. Visit the store locator on the site to find a store in your area.


Lakeland Limited

Better known for homewares and food storage, Lakeland now have a pretty impressive crafting section. Although they sell Derwent pencils and Winsor & Newton ink, their focus is mainly on the cardmaking and scrapbooking side of crafts.

Lakeland have stores across the UK, but also have an impressive online store and mail order service. Check it out here.