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Latest Update: Added link to Wired and Lifehacker articles.

Here’s a way to make your ringtone really stand out from the crowd, without having to pay anything to those annoying people who advertise 200 times a day on MTV. This guide applies to the Orange SPV Smartphone, known in the US as the Audiovox SMT5600.

So what do I need?

You need whatever it is you want to play to make your tone and some way of recording it and getting it onto your PC. Here’s what I used:

You could also use the voice memo on a PDA to record your tone then sync to your PC.

So I’ve made my noise and have it on my PC. What now?

You need to get it in your smartphone. I saved my file, a .wav, in /Storage, which seemed to do the job. It should appear in your multimedia album on your phone. And if it does, you’re almost there. Select the file, and from the menu option select… wait for it… ‘Save as my ringtone’.


Download the new free software from Hyperscore and make your own. Via Make:.

And there you have it! Who needs the Crazy Frog and his swinging genitals when you can make your own 10-second symphony of weird annoying noises?

Now all you need to do is make hundreds of tones and rent them out for three quid a go.

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