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Update: Forgot to mention that I’ve also removed Google Analytics. That shouldn’t actually make any difference from the ‘user’ point of view, but it was a bit of javascript running that gave us access to lots of stats. The stats were so slow that they were pretty much unusable, though, so it wasn’t worth it. Maybe it will leave things a bit quicker now it’s not there, maybe not. Anyway…

As an experiment, I’ve removed all of the Chitika ads from PigPog. There was talk in the comments of a recent ProBlogger post of AdSense revenues falling when using other forms of advertising. The commenter suspected Google were deliberately ‘punishing’ people for using other advertisers. I suspect if the drop is real, it could be more likely that it’s just a matter of users only seeing the Chitika ads – they’re brighter, have pictures, and are more interactive. I wonder if users just see those, decide not to click on them, then manage to ignore the other ads?

Anyway, the comments said that adding other ads could make AdSense revenues drop by between 10% and 50%. Even at the bottom end of that, we’d do better with an extra 10% of AdSense than all the revenue we get from Chitika, so we’ll try without for a while.

The Chitika ads also seem to cause a bit of a delay in pages displaying – not a lot, but more than AdSense causes.

If you’re a reader, this should just mean slightly less ads on pages, and PigPog running a bit quicker than before. If you’re looking at ads for your own site, I’d probably advise just trying AdSense to start with at the moment. Chitika can be worth a try, and works well for some people – Darren at ProBlogger makes more from them than he does from AdSense, so they obviously can work – but I’d probably hold on and get good at AdSense first. I’ll update the linked article once we have some results from this experiment.

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