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How to keep the right side of the brain busy while the left side’s earning money.

Office Creativity Kit

Essential equipment to keep the creativity alive during the working day.

Doodle Pad

Use a large notepad or score special eco-brownie points by recycling used paper. Divide the page into two. Keep one half for work-related note taking, phone numbers, messages etc, and use the other half for doodling. When the page is full, tear off the doodle bit and take it home to use in a recycled art project like this.

Blu-Tack Stress Toy

Every office has a stray, neglected blob of blu-tack on a wall or ceiling. Most probably with a bit of tinsel from last Christmas sticking out of it. Peel it off and make better use of it – squeeze it, sculpt it, roll it, stretch it, shape it into rude objects for the amusement of your colleagues (but don’t blame us if you get told off).

Nice Pens

Unless you’re the one with the keys to the stationery cupboard, or know the office supplies budget code, your chances of getting any decent stationery from The Company are slim. So buy your own. Treat yourself to a selection of really nice pens – but make sure your colleagues treat themselves too, otherwise they’ll be forever nicking yours. Nice pens might not make you more creative, but it’ll give you something to smile about. Especially when the boss is going around using that one he nicked from the bookies.

Creative Fun At Work

Really. It’s possible.

Paperclip Meccano

Reach for a pile of paperclips and you can bet your life someone got the jewellery-making bug before you and has linked each and every paperclip together into a long, useless and bloody annoying chain. You can do better than that, can’t you? Look at the structural potential in paperclips, binder clips, bulldog clips and fasteners. The possibilities are endless (well, perhaps not endless, but at least there). Why not try building a suspension bridge between your team’s in-trays? If the boss has a problem with it? Call it teambuilding!

All Quiet? Boss Out?

Two words – Paper Aeroplane

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