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Merlin’s post today on carrying stuff was nicely timed. I’d just done a pocket clear-out today, and it went well.

My new phone was very thick in its case. I was carrying it in the case, though, because if I carry it with the screen pointing ‘inwards’ in my pocket, the screen went a bit odd. Strange patterns in the middle that you could only see in the reflections. Probably nothing damaging, but I’d rather not find out. I wondered just how much thicker it would be to carry the phone and a pocket Moleskine, and it turned out to be slightly less thick. Yes, the case adds more thickness than a 96-page hardbacked notebook with a pocket in the back stuffed with index cards and other bits.

So I’d started carrying the Moleskine to protect the phone instead. Today, I reasoned that maybe something a bit thinner than the Moleskine might do the job, so I switched it for just a credit card with an index card folded around it. Cash can fit in there too, making it a pretty good minimalist substitute wallet. A bit of coinage in the coinage pocket, keys moved there too with a lanyard to attach them to a belt loop for safety, and I had a spare pocket for my little Canon Ixus 750 to fit neatly away in, but with my pockets still feeling less stuffed than before.

I feel lighter šŸ™‚

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