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I’ve been a big fan of Flickr for quite a while. Ever since Yahoo! bought the site, though, we’ve all been waiting to see what they’ll do with it. Well, they’ve now announced that they’re rolling the most loved Flickr features into Yahoo! Photos…

  • Tags.
  • Sets (will be called Albums).
  • AJAX interface, with drag ‘n’ drop for arranging photos.
  • Dynamic Albums that will automatically fill themselves with photos that match criteria you set – what tags they have, how new they are, how highly rated they are, etc.

    The big one that’s still missing is RSS feeds, but they say that’s “coming” – hopefully before the big release, as it’s been an important factor behind Flickr’s success. It all sounds pretty good, but I do fear for the interface. Yahoo tend to make everything rather unpleasantly ‘busy’, and they can be a bit heavy-handed with the ads at times. Still, they seem to be buying all the big Web 2.0 companies, so hopefully they’ve understood why we love them.

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