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Chris Brogan is sick of boring presentations. I think we’ve probably all sat through a few. Back when I had work, it didn’t consist of many meetings or presentations, but the few presentations I did sit through usually involved someone reading directly from a too-wordy Powerpoint presentation while we all stared at the screen or the handouts, reading along.

When I gave presentations, they were always like that. Maybe if I’d been more like Diamond Dave, my colleagues would have remained awake a little longer.

“Do NOT read your slides. Talk from a script. Talk from 100 cards if you have to, but fergawdsake! Do NOT read your slides. I like to add images that aren’t 1:1 with what I’m discussing. Not clip art. Full on images.” I like the idea of using slightly-related images for your slideshow, so there’s nothing to distract from you. If you want the audience to have something to take away with them, maybe prepare a handout separately from the presentation, but give it out at the end so they don’t read it instead of paying attention to you.

Update: Actually, just one more suggestion – maybe don’t give presentations wearing spandex, with one leg up on the meeting room table.

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