I’ve had another brilliant flash of the obvious.

I track lots of RSS Feeds. Not as many as some people (coughScoblecough), but enough to keep me busy. For most of my feeds, Bloglines‘s method works well. Show me everything once. It won’t let me miss anything (unless there’s more than 200 unread items in a feed), and I only have to see each item once, then it’s gone.

I’m starting to use search feeds and feeds from del.icio.us tags more, though, to get more variety, and it doesn’t suit those as well. Firefox’s live bookmarks work well for those, and I caught myself thinking “Shame I can’t just use both, really”. Why? Will the RSS Police come calling?

So I just split off the feeds that I don’t want to keep track of every post for, and put them in Firefox. It seems to be working well, and I’ve got a whole heap of bookmarks that keep themselves up to date with inspirational stuff to write about. If it keeps working well, I’ll write up a bit about setting up Firefox for online writers.